Section 7.3 Responses

7. The keeping of accurate records of datasets, algorithms and software used in the analysis of climate data.  A key concern expressed by a number of correspondents and commentators has been as to whether datasets, and analyses based thereon, were deleted. 


 1 Were formal „data dictionaries‟ kept of the data sets acquired by the CRU at various times from other bodies such as the UK Meteorological Office Hadley Centre and its equivalents around the World?

2  Were comprehensive records kept of the way these various data sets were used, the statistical and other algorithms used in processing them, and the various software programmes and modules used to carry out that processing?

3.  Does a formal library of algorithms and software used by the CRU exist?

4.  What quality control measures were used to test the various algorithms and software modules developed by the CRU?

5. What techniques did members of the CRU employ to ensure the integrity of the various applications used to process climate data?

6.  What policies are in place to ensure the formal archiving of data sets and resultant analyses for future use and review.

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