Section 7 Responses

7. The keeping of accurate records of datasets, algorithms and software used in the analysis of climate data.  A key concern expressed by a number of correspondents and commentators has been as to whether datasets, and analyses based thereon, were deleted.

See specific questions but this topic need not  be confined to “deleted”. If data were lost or otherwise is unavailable then that is an appropriate comment topic. The Harry_Readme file will be included although it is ‘non-email’.

One Response to “Section 7 Responses”

  1. jimchip Says:

    [Repeated as background for Section 6, Sec. 8. I’ll part these out to specific questions later]

    Archiving and specific CA topics

    Sciencemag Enforces Data Archiving

    NAS Report on Data and Methods Disclosure by RomanM

    Jeff Id’s post re NAS Archiving:

    Nature Reports on CRU Stonewalling

    Under the “Can’t depend on Journals” category:
    Glenn McGregor: Data Archiving not required by the International Journal of Climatology

    Another Brick in the Wall: Covers multiple relevant topics: Data Witholding, FOIA, Data Reporting

    Santer Refuses Data Request

    Is Briffa Finally Cornered? This is the CA account of the Royal Society Transactions paper that forced disclosure (see also Oct. 5, 2009 email)
    (Jul 30, 2008)

    CSIRO adopts Phil Jones’ Stonewall Tactic

    Climate Audit and NOAA FOI Policy

    Fortress CRU
    “Despite this, IPCC Review Editor John Mitchell of the UK Met Office claimed to have destroyed all their working documents and correspondence pertaining to his duties as Review Editor and the Met Office also claims to have expunged all records.”

    This one is quite ironic given recent interviews of Phil:
    Climate scientists should think about data quality more often, says Jones

    Part of the Willis Eschenbach FOIA timeline also.
    A First Look at the CRU Station List

    Rob Wilson Archives Data [Thank you, Dr. Wilson :)]

    Recent Cicerone discussion may need context (maybe not for CCE)
    Cicerone of NAS Acquiesces in Data Obstruction (Jul 30, 2007)

    Some Prompt Data Responses Jun 14, 2007

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